Transforming Your unwanted Beliefs And Healing with Gongs – A 2 day Sedona Workshop

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Transform unwanted beliefs and Healing with Gongs! All in a TWO-DAY Interactive workshop with Boni & Faye At Sedona! Claim Your Life & the Art of Being with Gongs Have you ever wondered about your own subconscious thoughts , and how they have been lurking around ? Have you wondered if they work AGAINST your goals, your dreams, your desires or are they working FOR you, in the direction towards your goals/dreams/desires ? Do you know...

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Questions For Your Growth ( Excerpt from book )

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Here’s an excerpt from a book I am currently reading. And this makes for a profound, interesting exercise, which I feel everyone can benefit from. The reasoning I have is fairly simple, death is a process every one of us face. Whether or not this is immediate, delayed, it can only benefit ourselves if we come to terms with it. With your own work, Records, meditation, other spiritual work, you can work on these questions repeatedly and...

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Short video on Muscle Testing + Money Beliefs

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This is related to muscle-testing and money beliefs. If you have not read/encountered muscle testing / Kinesiology & Muscle Testing, Google is your best friend on the internet (ie. read on this and what affects muscle testing). There is no consensus on such topics, so my suggestion is to read this if you are interested, if this is far out for you, put it in a “mental box” (&label it:to be looked in other times) 🙂 Spend some...

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A short Review on Beyond Willpower By Alexander Loyd)

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I’m just halfway reading the above title ( “Beyond Willpower”, by Alexander Loyd ) and I found myself agreeing with the contents on these various points This book is written for people like you and me, in plain simple English – about discovering what programming are – “programs in the subconscious mind” ; why they are so hard to remove. In next chapters, they are tools for you to find your ultimate...

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The Litmus Test For Forgiveness

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I found this great snippet of information from this book ( “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”) by Joseph Murphy. The author has put in some words on Forgiveness, which I would like to share with people reading this blog. The True meaning of forgiveness is to forgive yourself. Forgiveness is getting your thoughts in line with the divine law of harmony, p 259 The essential ingredient in the art of forgiveness is the willingness to...

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