Short video on Muscle Testing + Money Beliefs

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This is related to muscle-testing and money beliefs. If you have not read/encountered muscle testing / Kinesiology & Muscle Testing, Google is your best friend on the internet (ie. read on this and what affects muscle testing). There is no consensus on such topics, so my suggestion is to read this if you are interested, if this is far out for you, put it in a “mental box” (&label it:to be looked in other times) 🙂 Spend some...

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Energizing your water ( giveaway mp3 offered by RG )

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  Raymon’s giving a copy of the mp3 away to energize water. Feel free to share, it but please respect what they have listed on the website. Raymon Grace’s currently giving classes and teaching people about dowsing. Those keen in picking up this skill may wish to go to or to look at his schedule. If you are on FB, you may...

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