Prayers, Gracepoints For Akashic Records Consultations


These information are for the folks who have done sessions with me.

There are two tools within this work which can be used out of the records, and I feel it’s best you take them for yourselves, and learn how to use them. Here are them in pdf, so that you can have them on your smartphones, tablets.

  • Prayers used

This can be downloaded here as pdf , docx ( Right Click and use Save As to download the files ). These prayers came FOC with ARCI.

  • Gracepoints used

There are Level I and Level II grace points at this point in time.  For those who are keen, these came from Ed Conmey. Visit here to read about more information by Ed.

For those who are keen to learn about the Records classes, please visit this page and drop Boni an email on the available dates.

For those folks who have been in practice sessions with me. I would like to thank you for your time and effort. Thank you for letting me know about you, and I truly hope the information has been helpful.

I continue to give regular readings, with a discounted rate to the folks who have come to me previously. Please drop me an email and we can make a time via Skype / phone. For those you have been recommended to read this page , and keen to have a consultation, send an email to me here

Finally, some words from the MTLOs! ( italics are mine )

We thank you for including us in your journey in this point in time.
We hope that the information we have sent forward be helpful in your own
journey in this life.

Some of you wonder if the information given is accurate, and wonder if they can truly help. (If you would see, this sense of wonder is so vastly different from that moment you stare into the brillant blue spacious sky ! )
Our greatest wish is to let you have a glimpse, how your life can be more of joy, peace, creativity, love and compassion.
We understand that sometimes you can be overwhelmed with negativity, doubts, and these waves of
emotions can sometimes overcome your line of sight.

We ask you not to fight a war within yourself.
This is this war within yourself that gives a lot of trouble.

We understand a lot of your teachers, teachings recommends a lot of suggestions,
we hope the last paragraph (Where the darkness and light meet)
will give you a better understanding on how to go about that issue.

When this war diminishes, you will be joy, peace, creativity, love, compassion, genuine concern, coupled with wisdom in action!


Where the darkness and light meet
We understand the torment some of you experience when you encounter changes in your life.
Some of you felt lost, a loss of direction, grief, sadness.
But we would like to remind you this: beyond each moment of perceived loss, grief, sadness, despondent, lies
a magnificent light!
That light is sometimes known as God, Spirit, Buddha, Compassion, Love, Empathy, Joy and many more names.

That moment of darkness, will lead you exactly to that Door of Light, if you
only allow it to show its way.
( Often, most of us do the exact opposite of shielding it,
negating it, pushing it away, suppressing it, repressing it, looking down on it )
However, most humans are fully capable of learning from mistakes.
And you are capable of fully forgiving yourself, others ( if you allow yourself to! ).
The great fun comes when we come to the moment
of fully comprehending / understanding of what exactly does that darkness point out to?
We implore you to let yourself travel right to that edge of darkness, and see for yourself, what is truly behind that darkness.

It is not an issue of who is at fault. The work here is to release yourself from the blame, guilt, misery, mistaken interpretations, non-beneficial beliefs that are not longer useful/applicable and
letting yourself have a chance, or simply put, have another go.
We know that it can be hard sometimes, we understood that staying
in the same spot is a kind of habit too.Still, we would like to implore you to embrace the experience, no matter how painful it can be. We ask you to embrace that experience completely, with love and grace within the space of the Akashic Records.

Each of you process an innate ability to be conscious, aware and that is great!
We ask you to develop this and to treasure this ability.
It’s a great joy to see sparks of light radiating from all of your hearts.
And just like the starry night sky, we too, bright up as we immerse in these
gentle showers of light.

Thank You.