One of our first mirrors in this world originated from our parents.
Many early childhood experts, psychotherapists, educators have
continually told us what we suspected. We built most of
our beliefs, our world-view from our early interactions with our

However, if we are stuck in the belief that it is hard for us to override that,
it’s perhaps another depressing perspective. And so, the question falls back on this,
do we truly let it rule us or take a chance at it ?

The best way I could describe the picture is the blueprint of a subway system
in a country. Without changing the blueprint, the train would keep going
on and on , on a route. Day in and day out , it will continue going unless
there’s interruptions to this “automatic” route.

Apply this story to what’s going on in our own existence and think
about this story as applied to ourselves.
Yes, while I do agree such “automatic” setups serve its use, there are clearly, situations where automatic is clearly not appreciated and
not useful.

Back to the topic, if we are not aware of the loop, how exactly on earth are we supposed to change ?

The Amazing Life sessions serves to help us “hijack” / “eject” us out of this automatic route.
One of the ways is to identify the blocks ( ‘automatic’ loops) running in terms of feeling
and then transmuting, changing it to something else. In the audio recording, there are simple
instructions to allow the listener to identify and change the loop.

It is only by changing the loop, only then can the alternative route(s) be truly open to us.
If you feel this change is beneficial to you, feel free to contact me for a short Amazing Life session (15 min) at where we could work on this together.

May all of you have a joyful Merry Xmas!


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