Here’s an excerpt from a book I am currently reading. And this makes for a profound, interesting exercise, which I feel everyone can benefit from.

The reasoning I have is fairly simple, death is a process every one of us face. Whether or not this is immediate, delayed, it can only benefit ourselves if we come to terms with it. With your own work, Records, meditation, other spiritual work, you can work on these questions repeatedly and find out more about yourself, your life.

Have fun with this, and you may google the following title


PS. I would just skip very old, and on your deathbed. We have seen deaths occur at all ages, so I didn’t think it’s necessary to put it in very old. 😛


The following exercise is an except from the following title

The Wisdom of Midlife ( Frank Natale )

Exercise#2: Deathbed scene

Find a quiet place where you can sit or life down without interruption. Imagine your self very old and on your deathbed. Close your eyes and allow your life, from beginning to the present, to pass before you. Take full, deep breaths and relax as you view your life. What memories being you most pain? What memories bring you most joy ? What experiences, commitments and accomplishments have given the most meaning to your life ?

Do you have any regrets? If so, what could you have done differently ? What can you do differently now ?

Do you wish you had spent more time with someone ? Do you wish you had spent less time with anyone?

Where there choices you feared ? Where there choices of which you were unaware ? Did you discover what your value ? Are your values what you want to be ?

Have you discovered something you want to change ? If yes, then make the conscious commitment to change it now. Return to normal consciousness.

“The Conscious Work of Mid-Birth, The Wisdom of MidLife, Frank Natale”



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