What The Akashic Records Are

The Akashic Records lie in our heart, and stores every single moment of our lives.

By lives, we mean past, present and future. Very often, people wanted answers for matters, and the best answer come from yourself. It may be hard to swallow, but often our life circumstances ( relationships, health issues, working environment etc. ) present immerse opportunities for us to learn things about ourselves.

With this immerse opportunity, we undertake it as a chance to heal ourselves.

With deeper healing, we come to see things around in a different way.

In a more peaceful, compassionate, empowered manner, we come to live our presence, and to allow our life to unfold in a way which we have come to fulfil.

The Records is like an energetic library, an energetic storage that has imprints of you, this life and many more before this. By using this information, we navigate through the information to find the answers, to get to advice that most apply to your queries.

We navigate through the mass amount of information, finding out what are the “stuff” stopping you ( if you want to know ), what are the “stuff” that you can do ( if you want to know ). We use these information to show you how you can realize your potential in this life.

The Records and the Masters are here to let us know, that Life is not hopeless and that help is always available. Their presence helps us see that suffering if not the only way to learn lessons – we can certainly choose to learn it through Grace.


“To lead them towards a more harmonious existence, within themselves, then only it could go outside of themselves.

To bring the understanding that it’s always working within , inner,  first.  And to spread the love and knowledge that comes with this.

And who is this Love we are talking about ? – You of course!” – From the Masters and Lords of the Akashic Records 




How does an Akashic Records session help ? 

Most often, we seek an understanding towards matters in our own lives, relationships, careers, health issues, wealth issues etc.
At times, we seek a closure on matters.

At times we seek a clearer direction, and not just at this ! We seek directions on the map, the direction, the goals and our progress meters!

Sometimes we are fraught with an understanding that we are moving in uncharted seas, uncharted territories. This is where the records, your own records, can aid you in this marvellous adventure – where, how, what, and when – of how you can proceed in this journey.

The understanding here, we are wishing for, is of another level. By reaching an understanding that involves more than the brain, we can heal our unhealed traumas, clear our beliefs, figure out things and see that suffering is NOT the only way we have to learn our lessons!


But.. if this is about me, why do I need to come to you ?

True, that’s a great question.

When a consultant is in YOUR RECORDS, it’s essentially the consultant forwarding all the messages from you to (that’s right) yourself. What the consultant is doing is doing the transmitting in a way as clear as possible, and helping the person go through this/journey in a more helpful manner than previous deployed methods.

That means to say, there’s so many different ways we can choose to approach certain matters, to see in another totally different perspective, and the consultant aids you in getting to this.

The other reason for this is that sometimes we ourselves are unaware of our own blind spots, so we need help in figuring it out. Most of us, are largely unaware of how early childhood issues, past lives influences, beliefs from society/religious structure influence our behaviour and ways of thinking. We sometimes over-smart ourselves, ignore the signs , prefer to stay unaware ( till things go really bad ).

For those who are aware, will seek for ways to resolve this ( yes, there are many ways to clear these influences ). This is why in your Records, you can ask information pertaining to these, and also ask to clear them / change them for your highest good.


What does a session entail of ?

A consultation consists of opening up the Records of your Soul, with your permission.

I use a sacred prayer to access your Records. A consultant works with your answers, so come prepared with the questions you really wish to find out for yourselves. Usually this takes 0.5hr – 1 hr of your time. A max. of 1.5 hrs is allowed for each session.


How is the session being carried out ?

Usually we can do this in a Skype, or via audio calls. In events where you feel you are more comfortable meeting me in person (only available in Singapore), we could finalize the venue and a date to meet up. In the session, you will get to ask your questions ( see below ) and you will get the answers that will give you clarity, direction, more in-depth introspection ( etc. )


What does the client need to prepare ?

“Do I have to *spiritually evolved* for this work ? “ – No
“Do I have to be clairvoyant, see remotely, have super hearing, be able to levitate or (fill in blank) for this session ? “ – No
“Do I have to be *really* smart to get it? “ – No, not really.

In short, there is no “spiritual” requisite for this session.

However, once you have booked an appointment, please make sure you come prepared with the following :-

• 30 minutes to 1.5 hours of your time
• A place where you can be seated comfortably, with hands and legs uncrossed
• A box of tissues, a glass of water at your side (if we meet face to face, I will get the tissues 🙂 )
• A place where you feel safe, comfortable & to ask your questions without being afraid of privacy issues / people listening to you

• Pen and paper to note down the information / laptop for you to type
• A recording device ( if you wish )
• Download this document ( pdf, docx ) ( Right Click and select ‘Save Link As’ to download the document )

• A list of questions which you wanted to ask about


So….what can I ask ?

If you worry if you are asking the “right” question, fear not!
And during the session, sometimes I help you out by clarifying on what you would like to know.

You can ask anything under the sun, though most people tend to come with questions they really wish to get an understanding about.

Here are some FAQs which you may find useful.

If you need clarification / seek more understanding , ask about this in the session.


How do I book for an appointment ?

That’s great! I look forward to gettting in touch with you and helping you in this.

Click Here to Book an Reading!

Please drop me an email at appt@creatinglifeflow.com when you are done!
You will receive an email afterwards, and we will proceed to book for a time and place.


I find it very hard to believe in the information in the session?

For information that do not make sense immediately, you are encouraged to chunk it in that box called
“To Be Looked Upon Later”.

The ones working with us in the session never encourages us to throw our brain away, nor do they force you to accept things you have difficulty believing.


I don’t think I am really for this!

That’s alright!

I hope by the end of this page, you would have expanded your thinking a little, and enjoyed the messages from the Masters! And when you notice throwing this question to yourself, get to asking the right question“WHO” really has told you this , and is that the truth ?



~ Have a great day ~

And to everyone reading this page right now — May every single cell of being be filled with unconditional love, light and joy from your Records and the Masters.