Make the Best Out of a “Unhappy” Experience

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  I am so glad I have made the decision to leave the last job – which was frankly, a rather unhappy experience. Despite this, I now come to see that that experience serve its uses. It taught me how to take better care of myself, and to be better aware of what really matters in my life. I’ve come to see that in life, many people will offer ourselves advice. Be it whether we want to take it or not. Sometimes we think of it as...

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Questions For Your Growth ( Excerpt from book )

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Here’s an excerpt from a book I am currently reading. And this makes for a profound, interesting exercise, which I feel everyone can benefit from. The reasoning I have is fairly simple, death is a process every one of us face. Whether or not this is immediate, delayed, it can only benefit ourselves if we come to terms with it. With your own work, Records, meditation, other spiritual work, you can work on these questions repeatedly and...

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Dealing With Emotional Pain

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In life, we all undergo different intensity of pain. Here, though, we are looking into the issue of emotional pain. Sometimes it’s heart aching to even recall what has happened in the first place. Very often, we forgot the initial incident, that one act that has brought upon this seemingly whole mess of things. We then continue to talk to ourselves, constantly reminding ourselves of the memory, and sometimes, sadly, getting...

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Getting A New Lease Of Life

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SOMETIMES, We take it that it is necessary for us to buy a new outfit, buy a new item, a new dress, to get out of an old situation. In truth, it is perhaps the least helpful alternative advice we can give to ourselves. That taken in perspective, the action does deserve some credit. More often, it is giving ourselves a message that something needed to be addressed to, some matter to be looked into. More often than not, it is not the introduction...

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Finding Your Passion, Purpose and Work

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Many of us find ourselves wondering about our work, our purpose in life. Often, I would get friends who would ask me this question.  I thought back the last time I’ve asked myself this question. Often enough, this question came when life seems to be get really down. Or when things does not come “my way”. Instances of these include “My job is so boring” or a recent family argument with a loved one, or a dawning that...

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