This is related to muscle-testing and money beliefs. If you have not read/encountered muscle testing / Kinesiology & Muscle Testing, Google is your best friend on the internet (ie. read on this and what affects muscle testing). There is no consensus on such topics, so my suggestion is to read this if you are interested, if this is far out for you, put it in a “mental box” (&label it:to be looked in other times) 🙂

Spend some time and watch this video from Christian Mickelsen. And watch how Stephen’s physiology changed as his blocks/beliefs are changed. Also note, these beliefs are sometimes in the subconscious, not easily observable and we continue to deploy/use them all day long.


Have fun! I use this tool, sometimes to allow to access if the client’s changed in the Akashic Records sessions.

I agree with Christian that sometimes in sessions with a coach/channeller/counsellor/whoever, a powerful tool we (humans) all possess is our intuition. The tricky part for many (at least for me), is to ascertain if your “intuition” is coming from a space of love or ego or existing beliefs or triggers.


Enjoy your weekend!

Siew Cheng, Lim