This is an interesting post on parents and children

As I grew up and learnt about various modalities, I’ve also wondered about compassion. It’s one of the four immeasurable in Buddhism, and can be included in a meditation.
And here’s that link ~ How to deal with an emotionally neglectful parent

However, as I grew up more (don’t we all?), I also realized that some of us took to meditation as an escape path. Somehow, we are not willing to “blame”, “attack”, “point finger” – in my own words – “we want to be nice folks, no anger , ok?” and this creates a whole new set of problems for ourselves. In psych, it would be somewhere along “suppression”, “repression”.

But running towards using meditation as a “pleasure” to “escape” from the pain, is somewhat like a drug addict. Each dose would have to be higher, I guess, since our threshold gets higher and higher.

To anyone’s who’s working out ( and no, I do not mean in the gym ) – so far, these are the perspectives (which in my opinion) are pretty healthy to adopt

  • No one is blaming us. But to avoid the pain, we may blame ourselves or others (parents, hoo! my mom, my dad..etc. ). At some point, it may be time for you/me to acknowledge that
  • Our experience will illuminate if our action is geared in the correct direction.
  • Every experience tells us if that trauma/experience is resolved. Regard each experience as a learning.
  • Sometimes I think people overuse “lessons” – life lessons. I’d much prefer to describe it as learning. Who are you learning about ? Yourself ? Your beliefs ? Your behaviours ? Your reactions? Enlist the 5H1W to assist yourself.
  • Trauma/experience can be stored across multiple layers and sometimes resolved on different times. That means, this lifetime or last ones. That means, it can be stored in the aura, the cells, the muscles, the DNA. You may need different tools to clear those, you may not. Again, it’s not specific.


The Masters, Teachers and The Loved Ones are entirely embracing in their attempts to assist us in this journey. If you need you could need some assistance, feel free to reach me (hint: get to the contact section) or email me.


~ With Much Love ~