About Me


My name is Siew Cheng, and I’m situated in Singapore.

Although I came from an IT background, my personal endeavours are not always IT-related. Since my younger days, I spent an unusually large amount of time on a rather un-interesting hobby – “meditation”. This later evolved into a wider-range of activities such as spiritually-related work, energetic work, healing modalities and with Tibetan Buddhism.

My own journey in this has taken me down to many different routes – many different teachers, sources whom have taught me so many different things. My own suffering in life, has led me to roads seeing that no one is spared from the tapestry of life – indeed we have come, and we have been through (sometimes) great torment. Yet, always at the darkest moment, I find solace in knowing that we can indeed, bring ourselves out of this rut.

We really are a piece of art, and sometimes we just need the moment to quietly appreciate this.

And therefore, this website is my attempt to help people become aware of the possibility of this, and especially to let people know that healing, many times, are a progress on many different levels. I sincerely hope that people can be more aware of themselves ( i.e. strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, am I going the right way, what am I doing I ?!) .  I love to see the times clients feel/sense the the love and light that coming from themselves!

In short, my intention behind offering those services is

To help people realize their potential in this life ;

To help them see that life is not hopeless and that help is always available.

To help them see that suffering if not the only way to learn lessons. They can choose to learn it through grace.

To lead them towards a more harmonious existence, within themselves, then only it could go outside of themselves.

To bring the understanding that it’s always working within first. And to spread the love and knowledge that comes with this.


Services Offered

If you feel inspired to take action towards improving your own life, and feel that you could use my services, feel free to contact me via here.

I am currently offering the following service.

Akashic Records Consultation

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You can reach me for sessions and drop me a message at this page .

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