How to deal with an emotionally neglectful parent

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This is an interesting post on parents and children As I grew up and learnt about various modalities, I’ve also wondered about compassion. It’s one of the four immeasurable in Buddhism, and can be included in a meditation. And here’s that link ~ How to deal with an emotionally neglectful parent However, as I grew up more (don’t we all?), I also realized that some of us took to meditation as an escape path. Somehow, we...

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Stop the train right now!

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One of our first mirrors in this world originated from our parents. Many early childhood experts, psychotherapists, educators have continually told us what we suspected. We built most of our beliefs, our world-view from our early interactions with our caregivers. However, if we are stuck in the belief that it is hard for us to override that, it’s perhaps another depressing perspective. And so, the question falls back on this, do we truly...

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Make the Best Out of a “Unhappy” Experience

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  I am so glad I have made the decision to leave the last job – which was frankly, a rather unhappy experience. Despite this, I now come to see that that experience serve its uses. It taught me how to take better care of myself, and to be better aware of what really matters in my life. I’ve come to see that in life, many people will offer ourselves advice. Be it whether we want to take it or not. Sometimes we think of it as...

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Amazing Life Clearing Sessions Available – Making a Brand New You for 2017!

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Are You Ready for a new 2017? Making a Brand New You Right Now ! If you are NOT satisfied with what’s going on in your life right now, have you considered any ways to make changes ? If you are like a lot of us, including me, looking for ways to make beneficial changes in your life, but seems to be stuck in doing so, have you considered the possibility of peeking beyond the conscious mind ? If you’ve done some cleaning around the...

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