I’m just halfway reading the above title ( “Beyond Willpower”, by Alexander Loyd ) and I found myself agreeing with the contents on these various points

This book is written for people like you and me, in plain simple English – about discovering what programming are – “programs in the subconscious mind” ;
why they are so hard to remove. In next chapters, they are tools for you to find your ultimate success goal. And there’s also mention of generational memories – in cellular memories.

“Just telling people to “love” didn’t work”. Having them read, study and meditate on ancient manuscripts and principles rarely worked” (p.9 )

The first step to healing our memories is to understand the whole truth about the incident that created the memory. Whenever a painful memory is created, we typically create an incorrect belief (a lie, or a misinterpretation of the event), and it is actually this incorrect belief, or our interpretation of this event, that causes us to react in fear, not the event itself. (p.68)

In Chapter 4, the author introduces Three Tools to Deprogram and Reprogram your human hard drive and its software. One of these tools is called the Energy Medicine Tool. Essentially, it’s palms down, your hands overlapping placing onto 3 various spots and using some instructions to release the old programs ( this is the first tool ).

In my own personal work with the Records, and with clients, I assist them in the memory part. What I find fascinating is that, even if there is no remarkable changes to the whole recollection ( which I describe to the client or to myself ), there’s always a change in the perception – of how I see the incident. Be aware that this change in perception occurs in you ( that role in that life ) and will also affect/change you ( this body now ).

I will now cite a personal experience, which I recollected.

One of a memorable experiences I have, is of myself as a 1 month baby, in a snow-filled field. The feeling then was rather panicky. Indeed, I was left on the field, and the only feelings I felt was abandonment, unloved, forsaken, left for death. I don’t know if you remembered how you felt as a baby, or if you did any regression work – anyhow, it certainly wasn’t great. Thoughts of grief, sadness, fear of death filled my small head. On the background, I noticed two figures near me. One was a young girl, aged 6-7, and one older man. The older man was my father and they were leaving me.

Telepathically, I guess, I was trying to beg/ask/scream to make them return. My thoughts were on my survival. I could not notice anything than the screaming thoughts in my head. If I could describe it more aptly in modern day terms, it was like there was 1TB of files in a 1TB HDD, and there was no space to cater for more files (lol).

Then, the space around the baby(me) changed. As I follow through the regression, I went through it, and noticed something significant. For one thing, something/someone made me see something that I weren’t able to see. The young girl was my elder sister. As they were leaving, she continuously turned and looked back at me. Then it hit me.

She didn’t really want to leave me there, for now, I could sense the concern and love from her sight/eyes as she kept turning her head and looking back.

This was the start of the healing point of this recollection. This alone, changed a huge part of the memory of this life for me. I’ve seen this happened many times within my own work, and I have seen it in others. The only mystery is I am not sure how far each of us takes in, and how far-reaching these things for each of my clients.

The reason I can write freely on this, because I clearly understood what this experience brings for me. Granted, it wasn’t a sweet, “unpainful” experience, but remember, I always take to the point there’s a Great Universal Mind behind it all.


Here’s to all Sentient Beings, may you be free of all suffering, and may you, by happy, joyous 🙂


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