A short Review on Beyond Willpower By Alexander Loyd)

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I’m just halfway reading the above title ( “Beyond Willpower”, by Alexander Loyd ) and I found myself agreeing with the contents on these various points This book is written for people like you and me, in plain simple English – about discovering what programming are – “programs in the subconscious mind” ; why they are so hard to remove. In next chapters, they are tools for you to find your ultimate...

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Believe – A Sharing on Some Inspirational Quotes

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          These came from a very cool short book titled “Believe”.  Written and Compiled by Dan Zabra & Kobi Yamada. Enjoy these little snippets! Graphics are generated by  Canva @ “https://www.canva.com/” Wondering if your beliefs are helping or blocking you? Schedule An Akashic Records Appointment Now Get A Free Message From Your Akashic Records...

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Symbols For Pain Relief

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Welcome! Two months ago, I ran a group clearing session for a group of people, helping them to clear any beliefs that’s blocking them from what they wished to see in their lives ( see more details on this page ). Nearer to the end of the group session, some symbol was given to the group ( copied/paste from a page specifically for the group) : For the right shoulder , to break up energy in the right shoulder Another similar one was given...

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The Great Equalizers of The Cycle of Living

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There is said to be four things we cannot avoid while having a human existence Birth Aging Sickness Death Through the ages, this remains as true as from the time Buddha talked about it, 2500 years ago. When I first approached this topic many years ago, I approached it from the sense that all these natural phenomena are Great Equalizers. And I mean this in this way – all beings are subjected to these four things in our lives. Am I preaching a...

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Festive Season Promotion for Healing / Records Session

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All of You!!    In this festive season, I would like to offer the following discounts to folks who have been with me / or were my clients. Between the period of 15th Dec 2014 to 31 Jan 2015, if you refer a friend to a Remote Healing Session or a Akashic Records Session ( full session ), you will automatically be credited with a FREE 30 minutes session ( either Remote Healing or Akashic Records ). The...

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