There is said to be four things we cannot avoid while having a human existence

  1. Birth
  2. Aging
  3. Sickness
  4. Death

Through the ages, this remains as true as from the time Buddha talked about it, 2500 years ago. When I first approached this topic many years ago, I approached it from the sense that all these natural phenomena are Great Equalizers. And I mean this in this way – all beings are subjected to these four things in our lives.

Am I preaching a pessimistic approach to life ? Hardly not.

One of the greatest takeaways I get from this is really this – since all of us are subject to these 4 things, let this knowledge of this fact be a motivating factor towards you cultivating compassion, love, gratitude and joy (read on further to see what I mean).

We all know how touched we feel when we felt that moment when we love, are loved, are glad and grateful, are happy. We know, and feel at various points in our lives, how those are.

If the massive world at earth is (honestly) focusing on negative, greed, harmful energies etc, then the moments of peace, love, joy, gratitude must indeed be treated as rare, precious treasures from our heart!

And for the readers to ponder, when you experience these treasures from your heart, what do you do about it ? – Do you feel nonchalvent, indifferent or glad, happy, joy?

“Paying it Forward” – “See it as What Can You Do, Instead Of What You Can’t Do”

How rare and how happy would you be, if you know such genuine feelings are actually possible, and when you take action and further “pay it forward” to others – without expecting returns, without any attachments.

I don’t know about everyone else – but I have heard from other sources – the moment you do this, you are immediately gifted with joy, love, happiness and peace. I do not doubt this at all, since I have observed this for many times.

So you are the one who gives, and who receives simultaneously.

Then, consider this carefully. If you give and receive simultaneously, you would really take care of yourself, yea?

What I would do – I would be really aware of what’s going on, because I am the recipient of what comes back.

Secondly, since we are like a broadcaster station, 24×7, broadcasting these emotions, thoughts in space. Emotions, thoughts are energies. There is a concept called resonance and entraining (please google it). These emotions, thoughts achieve resonance easily (If you doubt this, you may observe any scenes of protests, scenes of masses of people experiencing the same emotion.)

Given this premise, will you then consider to take care of yourself,  be aware , resolve yourself of your traumas, griefs, unresolved pain ? Because often enough, the people nearest to you takes the hardest hit. (yes, that means you, then your family members, physically, mentally, energetically ). For example, your child may opt to “take on” your pain because she felt it and wished to relieve you of the suffering ( although you might deny it in her face ).

And with this, will you promise to love yourself 100%, to commit to that promise wholeheartedly, even to the extent to realize that a love greater than conventional love can indeed exist ?

And I’ll leave this post with this question-

If you are not doing this, are you going to do something about it ?

Because ultimately if you are not doing this (for yourself), no one else can do it for you.
I don’t know about everyone else – I know I do this, perhaps not 100%. But I am so glad to have so much help on the way, the road remains bright and visible.


May every sentient being be at peace, be happy and be free from suffering.

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