Two months ago, I ran a group clearing session for a group of people, helping them to clear any beliefs that’s blocking them from what they wished to see in their lives ( see more details on this page ).

Nearer to the end of the group session, some symbol was given to the group ( copied/paste from a page specifically for the group) :

For the right shoulder , to break up energy in the right shoulder


Another similar one was given for both legs :-

Right leg, left leg ( there is no preferred order of which legs, the arrow represent the direction)

Purpose : break up energies stuck in the legs

left leg right leg left leg right leg


How do you draw/use them?

1. Imagine yourself standing in front of you, draw those symbols in the space in front of you.

2. Draw a stick person on paper and draw the symbols on them using your fingers

3. Use a pretend teddy doll and imagine this is you and draw on the doll.

Optional: Sometimes doing this in the mind works, though sometimes drawing it out in air works better, try this and see how it goes. There’s really no hard and fast rule on how you use them.


month later, I was making my way home after a session. It was raining heavily, somehow I was being led to a place where a book sale was being held. Honestly, I made a mental protest because I wanted to go back home and take a rest. To cut the long story short, I made my way and my eyes ended on this book*.

My jaws dropped when I see this page




I was astonished/surprised at what they have in store for me. Do I know the author ? No, I haven’t heard or read from this author at all. I shared this story with some friends as well.

But what do I know ?

The Universe (and the Masters) work in (damn) funny ways to bring you/me what’s needed at the moment. 

Have a great weekend ahead!! And Happy Easter Day ~~

* Please do not intend this as a way to substitute your regular medication/ doctor advice.

* The book’s title is “Heal Yourself: Simple Steps to Heal Your Emotions, Mind & Soul”, by “Anne Jones”

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