We had a great time enjoying Dr Hill’s presence on 29th May’14 and the information he presented was very helpful.

I’ve taken some “pictures” of the slides presented ( and btw, there’s a lot of folks taking pictures with their handphones..:) ) and here you will have them ( see download link on the pdf )

I’ve come to view good Health from many perspectives – Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual. Each of these domains affect one another, and each domain has many factors/components.

Essential oils, is one of the physical “stuff” that can affect our emotional and influence our well-being. Although I’m putting Doterra information here, I also put forth the idea that

– there are many other essential oils out there that will serve its purpose as well – use muscle test / dowsing to know which ones are good for diffusing, topical application and consumption.

– Educate yourself , read books, ask people, read off the internet on the essential oils information. There is a wealth of information out there.

For a list of materials, information on essential oils, refer to the list below.

Back to the topic, here’s what was presented ( summary of )

( also see Dr. Hill’s Daily Routine )


  • For uplifting of moods – diffuse citrus oils – develop simple habits of diffusing them
  • Heat , friction, surface area all affect the absorption of the oils
  • Rub the oils ( diluted  / neat ) on bottom of feet to increase absorption
  • For spasms ( also meaning ladies who suffer from menstruation pain ),  use roman chamomile and Bergamot for their anti-spasm effect
  • When you put Frankincense under the tongue, they are absorbed directly in the blood stream

When using oils,

  • Do not exceed your physiological limit
  • Increase from smaller doses first
  • Smaller doses via regular intervals more effective than 1 single large dose
  • Essential oils have cell-selectivity ability – eg. Frankincense can target unhealthy cells and protect healthy cells

Another way of viewing metabolism – is how our body cleanse toxins, create energy instead of the conventional understanding

Immunity Considerations –

For health, following can be considered– Terra ZymE, PBAssist+ and LifeLong Virtality Pack

For immunity – diffuse Onguard , 15 – 20 minutes each day

Maintaining healthy cell activity

Glutathione – { made of glutamate, glycine, cysteine }  = important for vitality and healthy cells  = A

Dlimonene restores A to normal and we can get Dlimonene from citrus fruits

Grapefuit has the highest level of it 95-98%. Orange has 90%, lemon has 70%  ( see screenshots of daily protocol  in pdf )

Before you sleep, apply Lavender, Serenity, Cedarwoord for a relaxing sleep . ( see screenshots of daily protocol in pdf )

Download the pictures in this pdf here


and here’s wishing everyone good health.



List of references which I found useful

Aromatherapy for the Soul: Healing the Spirit with Fragrance and Essential Oils by Valerie Ann Worwood ; she has a series of works which focus on oils

Modern Essentials *5th Edition* A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils
EverythingEssentialme – Site on essential oils
Snow Lotus Aromatherapy – Education courses on aromatherapy