I wanted to touch on the topic of Forgiveness in this post. And with my own experience, I hope this message will reach to people who are struggling with this concept, and ease some of the “stories, baggage” behind the word.

I recently had an Akashic Records consultation in which the client, raised a question “When it is the case someone else had done an injustice, abuse, act of violence to me, *why* am I asked to forgive?”. And occasionally, I’ve also come across people, for some reasons, who are unwilling to use the Forgiveness Prayer ( see link to download the documents )

Well, this is a tricky question.

And perhaps, my story may shed some light.

In one of my earliest experience with the Akashic Records, I was recalling a life-time where I played a role of a native woman, being abused and being mistreated so badly. It was as though, the rights to a human being was taken right under her and she(I) was burdened with so much guilt, shame that it made her(me) hard to move on into peace/love. She was clearly dying/died but she was holding onto these tormented feelings and it made her(me) extremely hard to move on.

I was immediately advised to use the prayers to alleviate her suffering.  And here’s the words :-

 If there is anyone or anything that has hurt me in the past, knowingly or unknowingly, I forgive and release it.

If I have hurt anyone or anything in the past, knowingly or unknowingly, I forgive and release it.

If I have hurt myself in the past, knowingly or unknowingly, I forgive and release it.


I replaced the words as guided from the Masters and experienced an immediate relief.

I would say this relief is more like finally going home after a long struggle, or finally coming to peace with myself and perpetrators or sometimes, finally coming home to Mommy’s hug. Sometimes this relief surfaces as tiredness, which can be a result of releasing a burden from our body/energy field.

There were, of course, plenty of tears and I was later taught these tears serve great healing effect as they could help release the stored energy from our energy fields and our body. So, tears do actually have a useful role in our processing of these emotions.

In these initial experiences, I was given a very precious glimpse into an important essences of the Heart – When someone has given all their heart, energy into this process (the intention is more important than the words), we are in turn, gifted with important gifts as well – Compassion and Wisdom.

As I went through the lines of the prayers, I saw how, people(and myself) made decisions that are not of their best serving purposes. And because I saw for many times, I was sometimes the perpetrator, and sometimes the perpetrated, I feel compassion for both sides of the coin. I would go on to say that this compassion will rise spontenously and as a genuine quality from the heart. And therefore, no one really needs to seek outside for this – this compassionate quality has always been there in the Heart.

So you may wonder, did I become smarter, more clever, more shrewd, more adept at reading faces, more confident at making money (and many things) – since I’ve mentioned Wisdom as well.

Actually, well, nope. And here’s my take what it brings home to me:-

The Wisdom actually comes from realizing/seeing that many many beings have been through the same cycle/pattern.  At that point, it’s the realization of that really hits home for me, and that gives me the “wow factor” to how the great treasures of practices usually will not deviate from these innate qualities of the Heart. I would add on, to say the compassion aids the seeing, and the seeing aids the compassion.

And once these 2 qualities shows their true faces to you – who is really being aware and allowing them to surface – you will never lose these two, as they will be there as your allies in your journeying.

And thank you for reading and many many blessings to those who are enjoying the Chinese New Year now!!!

Lovingly, Siew Cheng


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