I am so glad I have made the decision to leave the last job – which was frankly, a rather unhappy experience.
Despite this, I now come to see that that experience serve its uses.
It taught me how to take better care of myself, and to be better aware of what
really matters in my life.

I’ve come to see that in life, many people will offer ourselves advice. Be it
whether we want to take it or not. Sometimes we think of it as meddling, at times
we think of it as beneficial, at times we think of it as destructive.

And sometimes it’s a trick,
as if we are trying to bribe someone else into our own worldview, and the
more people I managed to convince into my worldview, the more convinced I am of the worldview.

The more people I managed to convince into my worldview, the more convinced I am of that worldview

I would gently suggest the reader is probe another at a deeper aspect :-
“Who has given you this worldview in the first place ? Where did it come from ? What was it about ? ”

With each “unhappy” experience, we can serve ourselves better if we
grow from the “stuff” from it. And no, I do not mean the endless complaints,
or the concept or the realisation of how miserable human societies are. That would go back to the part
“The more people I convinced, the more convinced I am” – which would seem like a loop or program.

On the contrary,  I now strongly suggest that it’s no point fighting “that” program.

A more beneficial way is a massive de-construction of the program :-
By taking the leap into the subconscious and change the beliefs we have with respect to ourselves and
of this world.


I am no saint either and like many of others before me, I still take myself to such tasks.

It is with this, I believe, only beneficial changes can occur. Only when such awareness
arrive within, oddly enough, then we begin to see
how, and where, and what we really want in life. And only there, could we begin to take
note of the rose glasses we have and to begin the recovery to true sight.

This is where we get to “Now, How do I get to what I *really* want in life

And when a person has touched that, others’ destructive sneering or
criticism or sarcasm will hardly touch us. I reckon the other party know so,
particularly by the way they’ve noticed how changed our responses are.
There’s certainly a change and they may feel a little surprised. But my my, surely, you the reader, has the largest gain of it all. The gift of true sight and of the courage to move forward towards your fulfilment of potential in life.

So here you go, these are the ways I have assisted myself to get to the “How”.