Essential oils are a good way to refresh ourselves, and to use on ourselves without resorting to medication. It’s a good alternative, natural solution besides getting a drug from the local doc.

That being said, I feel a balanced approach would be to take an active stride in empowering ourselves and our health. Our life, lies in our very hands, and we can have a very good chance in living our lives in a healthy, empowered and be full of vitality, happiness and joy.

I’m advocating this from a perspective that we can get ourselves in good health by paying attention to

1. Food we consume

2. Water we drink

3. Thoughts we have – including all habitual patterns we build in our in-utero, early childhood etc.

4. Emotions we experience


In this model, essential oils help us a lot in (3) and (4) respectively. Although the below page will point you to Doterra EO, in my experience, the above statements play true in all essential oils.

Here you go — here to find out more about the essential oils and how you can use them in your daily life.

Drop me an email if you wanted to get some samples to try them out, or to go to a demonstration of this oils.

Have fun with the oils!!